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This is an open casting call for "Nineteen Funerals Before Nineteen," the film of my personal experience as an out Gay teen during the final Reagan Years (1985-1989).

Needed: 19 actors, from every walk of life. I want a TOTAL Variety Pack. (Pssst, THIS MEANS WOMEN TOO!)

Male, female, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, old, young, innocent, jaded, naturalistic, amateur, professional, Method, even "Just hit your marks and say your lines, love!" My vast preference is for my friends to be a part of this exciting project, and I am looking for folks to step UP and try this, and if you're even SLIGHTLY interested, here's your big chance. Blow me away!

(Casting Couch, Now Re-Open For Business! Apply Within!)

Behind clicky sheerly for intrigue, you know you want to! )

8) This is the real deal, folks. You may end up in a movie. BE TOLD!

Here's the link to the page that collects them all:

I hope like HELL that I'm going to hear from a LOT of you! And that you're AMBITIOUS! (crossing fingers, and toes, and eyes, is [ profile] shirtlifterbear!)

PS Think of the Cast Party for the World Premiere! *waggling eyebrows* Thrown by ME! For YOU! And getting to stand onstage, in front of the audience, and get introduced as one of the stars of the film... Fuckin' A, that's SOME SMOKIN' HOTNESS, right there!


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