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1) See a sunbreak? RUN OUTSIDE. Vitamin D is your friend.

2) Schedule things to do. Do not sit in the house 24/7. Be too damn busy to worry about the grey skies.

3) Layer. This is paramount.

4) See number 3.

This winter started with a scare: A metric fuckton of snow Thanksgiving week. Everyone was like "SNOMG! SNOWMAGEDDON! SNOWPOCALYPSE! It's not even winter yet! WAH!" And then we got almost none for the rest of the season.

Almost none is a key phrase here, because sunshine? Almost none. The greyest, coldest, grimmest winter I've had here in the Pacific Northwest in ten years. I didn't really get the Seasonal Affective Disorder Blues (or Greys as they're known here for obvious reasons), but I credit that to obeying all four rules given above.

People think my thermal long-sleeve shirts are some homage to Kurt Cobain. Nope. Unlike Kurt, I will survive.

(Too soon?)

But seriously folks, keeping super-busy has kept me sane in this Gloomy Grey Grim winter. [ profile] tbass and I were home by noon yesterday after our final Spring Thaw wrap-up meeting, (which not-coincidentally was about how it was a triumph!) and were like, "um, we don't have anything else on the calendar today? I don't think that's happened since we started dating two years ago!"

So we went on a Junk Food Quest: Fire Hot Fries, Combos, Salt and Black Pepper kettle-cooked chips, Crunchy Cheetos, Cupcake Royale four-pack, Creamsickle soda, Red pop, the works.

And played Mortal Kombat, then watched four episodes of "Popular."

"Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you!"

Because sometimes, nothing is fun to do!
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